Reminiscing + Beginning The Panning Challenge

Yesterday, I went to the first ever Red Bull Soapbox Race here in Hong Kong with the hopes of grabbing a good shot of some silly people in silly vehicles going down a closed down road. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take anything. The event was swarming with people! It was impossible to get through the crowds, so in my disappointment when I got home, I looked through my old photos and found this panning shot of the Formula 1 car at the Red Bull Dragon Run event last year. This shot was taken for my previous company TCOB Media.

Also, I found two more panning shots when looking through photos for the 2011 Beach 5s event I was working on last year.

… And so begins my panning challenge – my own little personal project. When it comes to photography (or everything rather), I’m weakest on the technical aspect of things. Tech-talk bores me. I get lost in all the numbers and words that make little sense. I do get it eventually after a few reads or pounding of the head, but it gets uninteresting. There’s no story, at least I can’t find one. So this panning challenge will be one way for me to learn and build some technical skill and have fun at the same time. Nothing boring, I promise. My panning shots will also tell stories.

What do you think?

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