Beautiful Blogger

So I’ve been away and exhausted lately for no apparent reason, and out of the blue, I receive this! A nomination for the ‘Beautiful Blogger’ Award. Very unexpected since I’ve only been blogging for a couple weeks now, and also very much appreciate the nomination by Emi who also has some wonderful street photography images on his website. Check him out here!

Now the award rules require me to write 7 more things about myself and also to nominate 7 blogger for the award. So, here goes:

7 things:

1. I am addicted to “The Mentalist” and I must have my daily dose even if it’s a re-run.
2. If my travel plans for 2012 were a movie, it would be “Three Weddings & A Funeral.”
3. I have a cork-board hung to the side of my work desk full of magazine clippings of Steve Job’s famous quotations.
4. I read the Holy Bible. True story.
5. I’m a morning person who sometimes wakes up before 6am for no apparent reason.
6. I love a good laugh and long sleeping hours.
7. At my last job, my greatest lesson was: “It’s smarter to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.”

7 nominations:

1. Emi at (Can I nominate who has nominated me?)
2. Patrick at
3. 1jourunephoto at
4. Peter at
5. Mr Brad Jones at
6. Richert at
7. mariqia at

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